Shanti’s Yoga Journey


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I was introduced to yoga at the age of four. My parents were disciples of an enlightened guru from India, and from a young age I joined in on meditations, I listened to discourses and I was brought up within the Indian yogic philosophies of meditation and mindfulness.

I took my first asana class in my 20’s and I fell in love with the free flowing movements of vinyasa awhile after.

I continued to delve deeper into yoga and in 2013 I began my own self- practice, which was the catalyst for change in my life.

In late 2014 I attended a Naam Yoga Master Class with Dr Joseph Michael Levry, which had profound healing effects and I soon realised that I wanted to share yoga with others.

Knowing first-hand the transformational effects of yoga, my passion and desire to share it with others led me to India, the birthplace of yoga, where I completed my 200-hour Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teaching Certification.

After a pilgrimage around India, I then moved to Nepal where I immersed myself into a Hindu culture while living with a Nepalese family and it was here that I received weekly one on one teachings from Premananda, Nepal’s first certified yoga master from the Satyananda lineage. Up until then I thought I had been practicing yoga, however my experience in Nepal was a pivotal turning point in my own practice. With a whole lot of new insights, I became determined to share my new found knowledge with others, and teach authentic yoga, from a place of heart and authenticity.

In 2016, I was invited to return to India, where I received a further 100 hours Yoga Alliance Certified training. I worked in two yoga teacher training schools, as assistant teacher and demonstrator in anatomy, alignment and technical workshops and I taught alignment and adjustments to the 200 hr teacher trainees. I also gave adjustments in the Mysore classes, conducted a talk on yoga lifestyle and I taught daily vinyasa flow classes to visitors and students of the yoga village. It was here that I fine tuned my skills and experience and discovered the type of teacher that I wanted to be.

The following year, I was invited to teach yoga in Bali where I became the resident yoga teacher at a luxury resort in Tembok. I taught Hatha yoga to guests from all around the world as well as private meditation classes and Reiki healing sessions.

I have learnt invaluable lessons from all of my teachers in India and Nepal, I’ve been deeply influenced by the teachings of Krishnamacharya and the yoga sutras of Patanjali, and some of my most inspiring teachers have been Mark Whitwell, and Rachel Brathen however, my biggest teacher has been life itself.

After years of soul searching and seeking a guru, I found that what I was looking for resided within. This awakening formed the foundation of my yoga practice.

While I understand that people come to a yoga class for different reasons, and I respect each individual’s journey,  I use asana as a tool for self discovery and awakening to the truth of oneself.

Besides from the obvious physical benefits of gaining strength and flexibility, my classes are aimed towards raising one’s consciousness and increasing prana (vital energy) through my unique 6 stages of practice.

This includes; Mindfulness and centering, warm ups from the Pawanmuktasana series (Satyananda yoga) asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), shavasana (final relaxation) and mantras.

Fusing what I have learnt over the years from all the people I have met along my yoga journey, my intention is to impart on my students the essence of yoga, which is much more than a physical workout.

My classes are a unique fusion of Satyananda, Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa and are focused around Patanjali’s 8 limbs of yoga.

My Guriji taught me that everything is always AUM, therefore my classes have a strong spiritual focus that are designed to bring you to the core of your being. You will learn how to integrate your breath with movement so that your body dances with your breath, you will learn about bandhas and mudras and how to safely enter into asana, all while listening to your unique body.




What is the Essence of Yoga? Click here to read Shanti Taleta’s latest article in Elephant Journal.

YOGA CLASS:  Shanti can create a class to suit all ages, body types, levels and abilities and she is now available for private one-on-one sessions in Auckland, New Zealand.

90 minute private individualised holistic yoga class in your home: $90

Contact Shanti below to book a class:


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